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Solution to Error: Locking Report Filter on Pivot Table

Locking Report Filter on Pivot Table

We have a large amount of data (payroll) that we are pivoting and filtering by Cost Center to report wages by Cost Center and sending them out individually.
When we filter by Cost Center and each Cost Center's information is exported to its own sheet, you
are still able to use the filter to select a different cost center.
Obviously we do not want each cost center to be able to view other people's wage information, and therefore would like to lock the Report Filter.
Hiding the row, and locking/protecting the sheet is very manual as there are a hunderd cost centers, and plus, using macros, you can easily break the password, so this is not a viable option.
Any ideas?

Keys to the Problem Locking Report Filter on Pivot Table

Al I can suggest is Copying and How to Resolve - Object Error message? then Pasting Special as Values all information on the sub sheets that you have created.  Since they will no longer be Pivots, Report filter will not exist.

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Shut down the software which are running in the background - Locking Report Filter on Pivot Table

Part of the reason why old PC take so long to start and various errors is because of all the programs you've installed. Reducing the number of applications which start-up when Solution to Error: My Windows 7 Randomly Freezes Windows boots enables you to get to the desktop faster and increases the memory available.

Press Windows+R and type msconfig and click Ok. Select the Services tab, tick 'Hide all Microsoft services' and see what's left. There may be services you can photo recovery 0.12 live without and clearing the tick box prevents them from running. For example, Firefox works perfectly well without the Mozilla Maintenance Service. On the Startup tab (click Task Manager in Windows 8), are lots of programs Writing career by Writing about Writing that start with Windows. Knowing what to disable isn't easy, but you can use Google to search for items and see Smart Runtime Error Fixer if they are necessary, useful or neither of those.

System Restore - Locking Report Filter on Pivot Table

System Restore can return your computer's system files and programs to a time when everything was working fine, potentially preventing hours of troubleshooting headaches. It won't affect your documents, pictures, or other data. Please back up important changes(files, documents) before you perform system restore.

- Truman Whitcomb. Nov.1st

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How to Fix Locking Report Filter on Pivot Table with SmartPCFixer?

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